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Founded in 1993, the Shasta Treatment Center has been providing Family and Individual Counseling Services to the North State for over 20 years.

Our goal is to uncover and heal abuse and family issues in our community through counseling and education.

What we offer

Child Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Sexual Violence Survivor

Individual Counseling

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Our mission is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of violent behavior in order to break the cycle of abuse by uncovering and healing the problems of sexual abuse, domestic violence and violent crime in our community through counseling.


Shasta Treatment Center now accepts MediCal Partnership

Shasta Treatment Center is a local, non-profit organization helping victims and families of sexual abuse, and neglect, as well as offering general counseling of individuals, couples and families.

STC was founded in 1993 by Dr. Ron Armstrong and his wife, Charlene "Shorty" Armstrong and a Board of Directors. STC is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Message from the Board March, 2013

Shasta Treatment Center received the $10,000 Special Recognition Award from the Redding Rancheria at a Mardi Gras banquet on March 2, 2013 . This money can be spent on any of the agency’s needs as the Shasta Treatment Center Board of Directors chooses.

Just before receiving the Special Recognition Award, Shasta Treatment Center received a check from Win River for being the January, 2013, bingo proceeds “Charity of the Month”.

Shasta Treatment Center’s Board of Directors, staff, clients and its Executive Director are profoundly grateful to Redding Rancheria and Win River Casino for this recognition and all of these funds. There are no words to properly express our appreciation. No matter what the future brings, we will never forget Redding Rancheria or Win River for all they have done for Shasta Treatment Center.

Local Grant Funds Awarded December, 2012

Shasta Treatment Center is pleased to share that we are the recipients of a supportive grant from the Redding Rancheria Community Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation. The letter of notification, following a recent site visit, thanks us for the good work we are doing in our community.

Grant funding is directed toward improving the effectiveness of services which are already offered at reasonable or reduced rates to children and adults in Shasta and surrounding counties through increased and more effective use of technology. Potential impact includes reduction in time spent in documenting and tracking client services. More efficient sharing of data with the clinical supervisor will enhance direct, individual counseling services offered by our trained therapists. Computers and software are the primary purchases made with grant funds.