This could be your story...

A 15-year old female came to Shasta Treatment Center and began sessions with one of our trained counselors. Her stepfather molested her for four years. When she first came in for our sessions, she sidled along the wall and chose a chair as far away from the counselor as possible. Her head was down; eyes were on the floor; hair hung limply over her face.

After weekly sessions for four months, she flew eagerly into the counselor’s office, clean hair flying, cheeks flushed. She looked like a typical teenager eager for the next part of her day. “I guess you don’t need me anymore,” the counselor told her. “I wouldn’t have anyone go through what I did,” she responded. “But I wouldn’t give up this experience because I am so much stronger now.”

The time needed to work through the process depends on many factors and cannot be predicted. Individual plans undergo frequent review in light of behavior changes, with adaptations as deemed appropriate by our highly-trained counselors and the administrator.

Individual stories best exemplify the potential results of intensive, caring and focused treatment plans.

Vision Statement

Effective education as part of sequential and personalized treatment plans will accomplish the necessary breaking of the cycles of domestic violence and other violent crimes, including sexual and physical abuse, so that individuals and families in Shasta and surrounding counties have the self-confidence and appropriate, workable life tools to begin to build healthy interactive relationships.